Turkey has conveyed its four-point reservation on Armenian Genocide to US

Turkey has conveyed its four-point reservation on Armenian Genocide to US

The website of the Turkish newspaper Sabah, which is considered the microphone of Turkish President Erdogan, reports that Ankara is conducting secret diplomacy with the United States ahead of April 24 because they are concerned about the signals received from Washington.

Rumors are circulating in Turkey that US President Joe Biden may acknowledge the Armenian Genocide on April 24.

According to the Turkish website, last week Turkish President’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalın met with US President’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan to present Turkey’s four reservations on the Armenian Genocide.

According to Kalın, there is no legal basis for calling what happened a genocide. This requires a court decision, as in the case of Rwanda and Srebrenica.

In the second point, he reminded Sullivan that the term ‘genocide’ was introduced in 1948, hinting that the UN Convention enshrining that term could not have retroactive force.

Turkey’s other concern is that Biden’s use of the word ‘genocide’ will create problems in US-Turkish relations.

According to the website, Kalın said that a new order is being established in the Caucasus, they are trying to normalize relations with Armenia, and using the word ‘genocide’ in this period, according to the speaker, would mean sabotaging the whole process in the Caucasus.

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